News Update: 10th August 2015


News Update: 10th August 2015

Photo 5-08-2015 3 47 19 pm

In a statement that rocked the world, Piggy and Kermit announced that they would be separating after many years together.  We wish them luck in their future romantic relationships, and we can’t way to see how it affects their dynamic in the new series.

After the success of the Muppet panel at Comic Con, our favorite little guys will be appearing in a panel at Disney’s D23 Expo.  The panel will be held this Friday at 10am, titled ‘The Magic Behind The Muppets’.  We’ll have a full write up as soon as we can!

Remember that new Muppet show that’s happening next month?  Remember how you were never meant to see the pilot they made?  It’s up there.  But really, if you haven’t watched it 85 times by now and put caviar in your shoes, are you really a Muppet fan?

The Muppets released a new YouTube video the other day, ‘Jungle Boogie’ featuring The Electric Mayhem (including Lips!) singing the Kool and the Gang song.  They’re joined by a very special guest, who can’t help but dance along (with some liquid courage)

Way back in May 2013 we were treated to a fun new Sesame Street comic book.  It’s taken a while, but on October 28th Ape Entertainment will be releasing Issue #2!  The immensely talented Jay Fosgitt (a friend to all Muppet fans) will be providing the covers for the comic.


ABC released 5 new posters for the new series ‘the muppets.’ which starts on 22nd September at 8/7c.  You can see the others here, but be warned – they contain full frontal nudity, waxing, and a plunging neckline.

Speaking of the new series, the first celebrity cameos have been revealed!  Nathan ‘Castle’ Fillion and the rock band Imagine Dragons will be making an appearance on the show.  No word yet if any of them will join Animal doing nudity, but we’re sure it’ll be tasteful.

Finally, in very exciting news, PBS will be airing a special documentary on our hero, Jim Henson.  Entitled ‘In Their Own Words: Jim Henson’, it will premiere on September 15th, one week before the new show.  Interviewee’s include Neil Patrick Harris, Fran Brill and Frank Oz, as well as many more. You can watch the trailer over on ToughPigs.

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