A Brief Video from D23

Muppeteers d34

This week The Muppeteers (and their characters) appeared at the always huge Disney convention, D23.  The hour long panel was a great success, and Muppet Wiki and ToughPigs have teamed up to present a great (almost) transcript of the event which you can read right here.  The MuppetCast have released the full audio of the panel, and you can find that right here!

D23 released this official video today of Steve and Bill demonstrating how 2 people control one character – it doesn’t go to plan, and below that you’ll find some great photos!

Steve Rizzo

Eric Fozzie

Dave Gonzo

Bill Pepe Eric Animal

Bill pepe

Matt Vogel floyd

Thanks to the whole Muppet community for coming together to get as much info and footage as we could!  And thanks to Ryan Dosier for sending us the official video and these images.

One thought on “A Brief Video from D23

  1. Okay now I’m confused. Why did they shoot footage of entire panels if they have no intention of releasing it in any shape or form? Just for the archives? I’m confused….

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