The Dark Crystal Documentary

Back in 1982 the world was introduced to the world of Thra, and it’s gorgeous inhabitants. Yes, even the Skesis are weirdly beautiful.  Trust me, I’ve seen one up close.

Though it initially didn’t do well, the world has fallen more and more in love with the film over the past 30-something years.  In fact one group of people are so in love with it, that they’re in the process of making a documentary on the film, The Great Conjunction: The Legacy of the Dark Crystal.  Their official press release can be seen below.

More than 30 years ago, “The Dark Crystal” was released on the silver screen around the world.
The cult classic film from the minds of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Brian Froud and many more, created a visually groundbreaking world, an all out puppet and creature extravaganza never before seen in motion picture history.
J.M. Prater (No Place To Call Home) and Philip Mitchell (Surviving Black Saturday, Trial By Stone: Unofficial Dark Crystal Podcast) are collaborating on the feature length documentary with plans to interview some of the creative team behind “The Dark Crystal” and the fans who continue to keep film alive and hear their stories on how it has inspired them.
You can find out more information on the documentary at 
The Dark Crystal doco

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