The Muppet Mindset Celebrates 6 Years of Interviews – Jerry Nelson


3 years ago today the world lost Jerry Nelson, the performer under The Count, Floyd, Robin, Gobo Fraggle, Pa Gorg, Mr Johnson, and hundreds of others.  Jerry was one of the original Muppeteers, and voiced his Sesame Street characters until his death in 2012.

1b38c-jerryandfatblueRyan Dosier was fortunate enough to have an amazing 4 part interview with Jerry in 2010.

Part 1 – In which Jerry talks about Saturday Night Live, performing Thog, Emmett Otter, his album Truro Daydreams, and much more!

Part 2 – In which Jerry tells us about playing marmalade, Floyd’s voice and persona, Uncle Deadly, Robin’s relationship with Sweetums, and trying to sing while gargling like a certain Scottish gargoyle.

Part 3 – In which Jerry talks about Gobo Fraggle, Fraggle Rock, Gobo’s relationships, Marjory, and Pa Gorg.

Part 4 – In which Jerry reminisces about The Count, the Count’s feelings towards Twilight, which celebrities he enjoyed working with, Mr Johnson’s run ins with Grover, Herry an John-John, Sherlock Hemlock, and what Sesame Street means to him.

Thanks for everything, Jerry.  We miss you.


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