The Muppet Mindset Turns 6 – A Letter from Jarrod Fairclough


As of April 6th 2015, Jarrod has been the Head Operator of The Muppet Mindset.

Jarrod Fairclough – Back in November 2009, I wrote to Ryan Dosier, and asked him if I could write a post comparing The Count to Edward Cullen, the main character of the then-popular-but-always-terrible Twilight films.  Looking back on that post now, I have a deep feeling of regret – I would write it so differently these days.  And yet I also look at it with fondness, because it was the very first time I contributed to the site that would eventually become one of the most important aspects of my life.

From that day, I kept up with The Muppet Mindset, checking it almost daily, learning about the upcoming films, reading reviews on old specials, hearing other peoples stories on their love for The Muppets, Sesame Street, the Fraggles etc.  Occasionally I’d chime in with an article asking questions and finding answers, posting my collection of merch, highlighting the Muppety things I’d seen on a trip to the States.  I always felt a sense of pride and joy seeing my posts up on the website

When Ryan first told me he’d be leaving the site to work with Disney, I was thrilled.  I mean, I was in line with him for Toy Story’s Midway Mania at Disneyland at the time (he destroyed me), so it was hard not to be thrilled.  But the excitement I had for him was immense.  I asked what he’d be doing with the site, and he kind of skirted around the question a little, with no real answer.  How do you ask someone to sacrifice a large chunk of their life to a job that doesn’t pay?  But I knew what was going to happen.  And I was thrilled even more.

cropped-header-by-jamie-w-walter.jpgThe Muppet Mindset is more than a website to me.  That’s been a hard thing to explain to people, but it’s true. It’s part of my life – a big one at that – and it’s something that I take very seriously.  It’s given me access to a wide range of contacts, many of which I’m glad to call friends, and it’s given me an outlet to pour my thoughts and feelings in to.  It’s provided a great distraction for me, as well.  On the day I was given control of this website, the new Muppet show was announced, and my Grandad passed away relatively suddenly. It was a stressful first week, I won’t lie.  But it was incredibly rewarding as well.  This job hasn’t always been the easiest – I’ve dealt with a surprising amount of negativity, but the good exponentially outweighs the bad.

Of course I haven’t done this alone.  I have a great team behind me, and I want to take a moment to thank them.  The amazing John Papovitch and Kyle Mahoney are great at doing the things I don’t understand, like Tumblr and Instagram.  The only reason we have a presence on those platforms is because of these guys, and I truly appreciate it.
Kieran Moore has provided a Top 10 list almost every week since I started, and it has been a real weight off my shoulders.  He’s given us an amazing stack of high quality content, and I hope he continues to stick around!
Michael Wermuth Jnr is one of the sites top contributors, with probably more articles than me to his name.  Without him, this site would be at a stand still.
To the contributors, some semi-regular (like Abigail Maughan who has totally lived up to the ‘reliably awesome’ title Ryan put on her), some one off, thank you!  You’ve all been the best.  To the new friends I’ve made through doing this (like my new favorite human James V Carroll, the delightful Steve Swanson, the brilliant Raymond Persi, and more) you’ve all been my favorite part about this job.  I cannot thank ToughPigs enough, specifically Joe Hennes, who has been a real pal for years, but especially since I took on the Mindset. Thanks to the Frog Kissin’ Gals, because they mentioned me once, and it was like I was famous for a second.

To the Muppet people, thanks for all the support. Thanks to Peter Linz for 1000% living up to the title ‘the best friend of The Muppet Mindset’.  Thanks to Matt Vogel for being Matt Vogel.  Thanks to Bill Barretta, one of the sites biggest and earliest advocates.  Thanks to his wife Cristina, who loves to interact with the fans and share our posts. Thanks to Kirk Thatcher, for being so good to me, and making my selfie with Red Fraggle possible.  Thanks to Andrew James Spooner, who has been insanely kind and sweet to me as we try to figure out times for an interview!  Thanks to Alice Dinnean who was sweet enough to reach out after my post highlighting her career with Henson.  Thanks to Emilio Delgado for humoring me enough to give us a statement on Sonia Manzano‘s retirement, and thanks to Sonia for asking people to read the salute we posted to her.  And thanks to Jim Henson, for giving me a passion for silly and an urge to continue that dream.

Thanks to my family and friends, all of whom have been amazingly supportive and kind and sweet, namely my folks, Emma, Matt & Sean. But I reserve my 3 biggest thank you’s for these 3 champions;

Mitchell Stein
I want to make one thing clear.  If it wasn’t for Mitchell Stein, this website would have fizzled and died two weeks after I took over.  Mitchell has been the biggest rock I could have possibly had during this whole ordeal, and I cannot thank him enough for his help and support in running this place.

Ryan JarrodRyan Dosier
I cannot even begin to put in to words my thanks to Ryan.  All of these new friends, all of the possibilities, all of my current life, is thanks to him.  I will support him and help him with anything he needs for the rest of my life, because he’s done so much for me.  He’s truly one of the best people I know.  And let’s just take a moment to appreciate how amazing he’s been in his new role as the Social Media Strategist for The Muppets.

I know it’s cheesy, but I want to thank you.  I want to thank you for coming here every day, for reading the silly things I say, and the interesting things that the others say.  I thank you for interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter, through emails, and website comments.  I get to do something that I really enjoy doing because of you guys.  And I thank you for that.

— Jarrod.

Jarrod Bert

5 thoughts on “The Muppet Mindset Turns 6 – A Letter from Jarrod Fairclough

  1. “Ok here I come…”
    *reads to bottom of article sees cropped pictures of self*
    “I can’t believe it…

    …I was on THE MUPPET MINDSET! Did you see me? I’m a natural.”

    *ringing in background*

    “Hello? I KNOW! Hey wasn’t I great? Did the whole family see it? Jarrod, it’s your mum. What can I say, the camera loves me!!”

  2. Thanks for keeping this site going.

    Mitchell Stein isn’t included in the “About” section of the site . . . ?

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