Kermit’s The Bad Guy After Split? What A Load of Hogwash!

kermit piggy

Sean Bryan – Denise_and_Kermit_laptopKermit’s copped a lot of flack over the past few weeks in regards to his breakup with Miss Piggy and the subsequent announcement that he’s dating Denise, the cute Head of Marketing at ‘Up Late With Miss Piggy.’ Sure, it’s the media being the media, but I’m sick of seeing our beloved Kermit being dragged through the proverbial mud and portrayed as the villain, not merely because I’m sure Constantine would have something to say about no longer being the evilest frog of the Muppet world, but also because I don’t think he’s the bad guy in this split.

Kermit yells at PiggyI’m going to be honest, even though it’ll probably get me in trouble with at least half of the Muppet community, but my girlfriend Hollie and I are not Miss Piggy fans. We’re currently in the midst of a Muppet Film Marathon, where we’re watching all the films, in cinematic release order, and voice our thoughts as we go. (Check out #Muppathon on twitter to see our banter, jokes, and references to frog butts in Kermit’s Swamp Years.)  Something we’ve both noticed the whole way through is how much bullying Kermit takes from Miss Piggy, it’s an unhealthy relationship that is constantly on the rocks, if Hollie was anything like Miss Piggy I doubt I’d still be in a relationship with her.
(Note from Jarrod: Hollie has quite a powerful fist, and has caused me to bruise)

Denise-profilePerhaps the issue is everyone wants to see Kermit do something wrong. We know this behaviour is common from Miss Piggy, but Kermit is constantly a shining beacon of the Lovers and Dreamers. The media are relishing this opportunity to tear Kermit down a notch, and reveal that perhaps he has a dark side. But does he?

Denise is cute, she has a decent job, and alongside Kermit as an executive producer, they’d be quite a power couple in the entertainment world, and for once he doesn’t have someone on his arm hogging the spotlight.

Meanwhile, where’s the media focus on Miss Piggy? While Kermit and his new relationship gets dissected in the tabloids, there’s Piggy making her way progressively through the Hollywood A-List. There’s photos of her staring deeply into Liam Hemsworth’s eyes and that recently released footage of an unbuttoned Nathan Fillion (from TVs “Castle” and the Internets “Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” ) emerging from Piggy’s trailer. Anyone who’s a fan of Fillion as Captain Hammer in the latter knows exactly what that Hammer in his logo actually stands for, and apparently now so does Miss Piggy.

This is nothing new for Miss Piggy either, a quick google image search shows she’s gone the whole hog with a series of A-Listers over the years including Mark Hamil, Robert Deniro, John Hamm, Christopher Reeves, Roger Moore, and even Ozzy Osbourne, and that’s just what’s been caught on camera. With that much evidence on the table, let’s stop pretending Kermit is the bad frog here, and point out the real Piggy in the middle of all this controversy

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