The Muppet Mindset Celebrates 6 Years of Interviews – Constantine

0d1b9-constantineHi-lo, welcome to the Mappet Mindset.  I am Constan Jayrod, the so called brains of the operation, and I would like to remind all you fools nice people out there in the interweb land about the time that old Mappet Mindset Number One Ray Doozer interviewed the magnificent and handsome Number One Criminal of all time, Constantine!

For the few of you who have not yet seen his fabulous work in the movie Mappets Most Wanted, Constantine is the evil frog who has Kyermit the Frog put in Russian Gulag with Liz Lemons and Hornswaggle.  He sings a magnificent song with Ricky Gervais about being Number One criminal.  He sings a romantic song to a disgusting Miss Pig, and dances like Gene Kelly.

On promotional tour for film, Constantine sat down with Ray Doozer and his little friend Danielle Stick and talked about his life as evil frog, and the film overall.  He was assisted by Mitt Vocal, but no-one really knows why he was there.

You will listen to interview below via YouToo, and then you will comment and laugh and tremble in fear of Number One Criminal of All Time – CONSTANTINE!

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