5 Ideas for Sesame Street DVDs

Michael Wermuth Jnr – Over the years, there have been a large variety of Sesame Street videos, themed around such educational topics as letters and numbers, and routines such as sleeping and going to school, fun topics such as songs, imagination, and dancing, important issues like taking care of the environment, and around such characters as Elmo and Grover. Many of the same themes have been used for many different videos over the years as well. But there are still a good number of topics that have not been the theme of any Sesame Street video, and today I am going to list five such topics that should get a video. Recently, I wrote an article on the top ten characters I feel deserve their own video, so because of that article, this list won’t include any desired character releases.

ernie bert snowman

5. A Winter themed release
All of the Christmas specials have been released on DVD, but it would be nice to have a release featuring segments about winter (would it be a cheat/stretch to include segments taking place in Alaska?). Back in the early years, there were two weeks of winter episodes a season (I know that seasons 5 and 6 had them), so scenes from those episodes could be included (I’d be surprised if any of those had a plot beyond it being winter). Other clips that could be included: Bert and Ernie make a snowman, Kermit and Grover make a snowman, Kermit lets Grover come in from the cold, and Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures: Penguin.

4. A Game Show release
With all the many game show segments over the years, it would be great to have a two-disc collection of the many game show segments, hosted by Guy Smiley, Sonny Friendly, Mr. Can You Guess, and others. There’s a lot of memorable game show segments, as well as plenty of obscure ones. There’s also a good number of street stories involving game shows (though most of the post-2002 ones have been released on video by now).

3. A release themed around Outer Space, Science, or Science Fiction
There have been many segments and episodes themed around science and outer space, as well as a lot of science fiction segments, so it’s a surprise that, after all these years, there still hasn’t been a home video themed around any of these three subjects. It would be great to have a DVD release of the many street scenes from the “Slimey Goes to the Moon” storyarc from season 29, similar to how the hurricane street scenes were released on Friends to the Rescue (though since this is one of the few storyarcs to last more than a week, there’s a lot more that would probably have to be left out). Additionally, the “Worms in Space” segments could be included (if it was themed around Slimey’s moon trip, maybe have them all as bonus clips), as could many segments with the Martians. In terms of science-related segments, there should be some Dr. Nobel Price segments. And when it comes to science fiction segments, the Cookie’s Crumby Pictures segment “Star S’mores” would be welcome, as would The Geefle and the Gonk.

2.  A release about History
There have been a number of segments revolving around history, including the three “American Revolution” segments and a number of Sesame Street News segments, such as when Kermit reported on Christopher Columbus discovering America and the Boston T Party. There have also been a good number of segments taking place in pre-historical times, showing the concept of inventing things (maybe those would be good contenders for a science-themed release)

1.  A release about Jobs
While there was Elmo’s World: The People in Your Neighborhood, there hasn’t been a general Sesame Street release themed around jobs. There’s more than enough renditions of “The People in Your Neighborhood” to fill such a release (not to mention Murray Monster’s “People in Your Neighborhood” tune-ins, or William Wegman’s dogs’ “people in your neighborhood” segments), as well as many segments with Grover working a different job, though very few of those are actually about teaching what Grover’s job is (though the segment where he applies to be a life guard does show the job interview process). There’s a couple of films showing comparisons between kids playing and adults working, and Biff and Sully’s song “We Coulda” would be a great segment to include.

Those are some ideas that sound great to me. Hopefully the right people from Sesame Workshop and Warner Home Video are reading this!


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