SPECULATION: What Does the Change in Leadership Mean for the Series?

Just this Monday, I wrote a piece on the news of great news of the three episode pickup bringing The Muppets to sixteen episodes, however with the news of the departure of the lead co-creator, executive producer and showrunner, that speculation has slightly altered with this surprising news that broke the internet this morning. But what does this news mean for the direction of the new series?

With this news breaking, courtesy of Variety and Deadline reporting the news, we’re found confused at what this means for the creative aspect of the new series. The Deadline describes the move as a slight relaunch of the series. As it seems there were creative differences between Prady and Kushell. It seems like ABC is interested in a different approach to the new series which seemingly caused a lot of creative clashing between the two. Accorrding to Deadline, Kristen Newman is in negotiations to helm the new creative direction of the series. Newman is known for her work on the ABC series Galavant which could be an indication of musical elements wanting to be added by the network. She’s also worked on comedies Everybody Loves Raymond, That 70’s Show and How I Met Your Mother.

This unexpected news this morning has left many fans to wonder what exactly will happen to the show, at least creatively until the end of the season. Truth be told, it’s kind of hard to tell at the moment. On one hand, it does show that ABC is putting a lot of effort into making this Muppet show work correctly. As most major media sources are reporting, (like Deadline and Variety), the show will be in a process of a “reboot”. However, how much of the show is going to be retooled is currently unknown.

So what happens to the show now? Well, all sixteen episodes will still air, but these changes will be put in place after the show returns from it’s winter hiatus in February. The final six episodes will be headed by Newman after the first ten episodes will wrap sometime in December.

As far as my own speculation goes, I am left to assume this move will be put in place to introduce some more traditional Muppety elements that have been absent. Likely the show will be riding on a lot more nostalgia, which worked well for the latest two Muppet theatrical films. At the moment, it’s hard to tell exactly what creative direction the show is heading in but time will certainly tell.  However, we would like to thank show creator Bob Kushell for his help and efforts to launching the show and getting the Muppets back on TV. Your work and creativity into the life of these characters will forever be appreciated by everyone here on behalf of The Muppet Mindset.

It’s important to note that while there’s either minor or major change coming from the series, we’re currently unsure as to what will stay and what will go. What we know is that the creative direction will slightly change which we could only imagine as a positive thing creatively, as it will fix any of the rough patches in the show.

We’ll have more news as more details unfold about these new developments! For now, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what developments have an effect on the series.

2 thoughts on “SPECULATION: What Does the Change in Leadership Mean for the Series?

  1. If they return to the general silliness of the original Muppets and stop with the politics…..they will succeed.

    No one wants a “serious” Muppets. Over the top..yes. Serious…no.

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