The Muppet Mindset Show – Victor Borge

The Muppet Show Victor Borge

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights.  It’s time to wait another 759 years until we see The Muppet Show seasons 4 and 5 on DVD tonight.

Yes, we are still waiting on Season 4 and 5, but we here at The Muppet Mindset are committed to bringing you as much as we can find online.  While we in no way advocate piracy, YouTube is filled with clips from these seasons, so we thought we’d bring you some!  Today’s clips are from the Season 4 episode with pianist and entertainer Victor Borge!  YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Link and Gonzo sing ‘Macho Man’

The Rats sing ‘Rock Around the Clock’

Gonzo sings ‘Act Naturally’

The Swedish Chef makes Turtle Soup

Victor Borge plays ‘Piano Concerto No. 1’ with Bobby Benson & His Babies

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