The Muppet Mindset Show – Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore

It’s time to put on make up, it’s time to dress up right.  It’s time to watch YouTube clips of The Muppet Show tonight!

Yes, it’s time for another edition of The Muppet Mindset Show, where we bring you clips from the yet to be released Season 4 and 5 of The Muppet Show!  While we’re against piracy, many clips from these episodes are available on YouTube, so today we’re showing clips from the Dudley Moore episode of the show.  We’ve skipped the Linda Lavin episode, as there were surprisingly few clips available.

The Bug Band sings ‘She Loves You’

Dudley Moore introduces Kermit to M.A.M.M.A

At The Disco Dance

Dudley Moore and M.A.M.M.A sing ‘Mama Don’t Allow’

Pigs In Space – M.A.M.M.A

Miss Piggy’s Dressing Room

Animal Debates Dudley Moore

Gonzo’s Act

Dudley Moore and The Electric Mayhem sing ‘How High The Moon’

M.A.M.M.A plays over the credits

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