Let’s Be Thankful for New Sesame Street

Sesame Street new

Happy Thanksgiving, Mindsetters!  It’s a day to be thankful, and before we get going, let me say what I’m thankful for.

d52e6-jim05I’m thankful for Jim Henson.  I’m thankful that he introduced characters in to the world that would bring me so much joy, in so many different ways.
I’m thankful for The Muppet Mindset.  I’m thankful that I get a chance to be a figurehead in this fan community, and get to make my thoughts known to such a wide range of people.
I’m thankful for you all, because if this site didn’t get the love it attracts, then I’d be some weird guy ranting on the internet about a frog puppet to no-one at all.
And I’m thankful for Ryan Dosier, because he’s opened my world up in a way that I could never imagine.  He’s given me an inside look, and even a foot in the door, to an industry and a company that I adore.  And he’s letting me sleep on his couch for 8 nights.  (I’m also thankful to his girlfriend Sarah for that!)

But I’m also thankful that HBO saved Sesame Street!  Yes, there’s been some hubbub around the whole thing, with the resignations of some of Sesame Street‘s main contributors.  There were rumors flinging around in the last few weeks that many beloved characters were being retired, which is completely false.  Sesame Street returns to screens with new episodes beginning on January 16th, exclusively airing on HBO, and then making it’s debut on PBS in the following months.  This week Sesame Street have released it’s first look at Season 46, including a brand new opening, new characters, and new segments!  Watch them all below!

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