2015 – A Look Back (Part 2)

Yesterday we looked back at the first 6 months of 2015, including the announcement of a new Muppet series, the hierachy of The Muppet Mindset changing, and Frank Oz’s niggling desire to return.  Now we take a look at the last 6 months.


July 2nd – New Update
Elmo appeared on Jimmy Fallon, Siri made a Cookie Monster joke, and Nintendo and Henson teamed up.

July 4th – Maria Is Moving Away
It was announced that after 45 years of playing Maria, Sonia Manzano would be leaving Sesame Street.  Jarrod Fairclough appeared on BBC5’s Up All Night to discuss her departure.

July 7th – Muppet*Vision3D Might Be Closing – But That’s Okay
Rumors were flying that Muppet*Vision3D might close at Walt Disney World, so Jarrod Fairclough explained that it was okay.  The attraction remains open today, but at least we were on top of things!


July 11th – A Salute to Sonia Manzano
In an exclusive, Emilio Delgado (Luis from Sesame Street) paid tribute to his television wife, along with many Muppet fans.  Sonia was so appreciative of this post that she linked to it on both her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

themuppets small

July 12th – The Muppets Went To ComicCon & We Learnt Lots!
The cast and crew of the new Muppet series went to ComicCon to discuss the upcoming series.  We watched the full video and trawled through various articles to get all the information you needed in one spot!

July 20th – Product Review – Pop! Sesame Street Vinyl Figures
We reviewed the newly released Sesame Street vinyl figures.  Some got full marks, some got low grades.

July 21st – Watch The Full Muppet Pilot Presentation Right Here!
In an unprecedented move, ABC released the full 10 minute pilot presentation for the new Muppet series.  The video seems to have been removed now, but I’m sure it’s still online somewhere.


July 27th – ABC Releases 5 New Posters for ‘The Muppets’
ABC released 5 posters for the new show, featuring Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie and Gonzo.

July 31st – The Art of Dave Alvarez
Illustrator Dave Alvarez let us show off some of his incredible Muppet art and comic strips.  Take a look at Part 2 here.

August 3rd – Jungle Boogie
The Muppets released a film clip of The Electric Mayhem and Sam Eagle singing Jungle Boogie.  It was hilarious and fun and you should watch it again.

kermit piggy

August 5th – (Almost) All The Times Kermit and Piggy Split/Weren’t Together
Miss Piggy and Kermit announced via Facebook that they had ended their relationship, causing the internet to FREAK OUT.  Jarrod Fairclough listed a load of times that they weren’t together in the past.

August 13th – Sesame Street Moves To HBO
In a surprising announcement, HBO revealed that it had a 5 year agreement with Sesame Street, bringing its episode count to 35.

August 18th – A Brief Video From D23
On the success of their ComicCon panel, The Muppets went to D23, where we were treated to a delightful video of Steve and Bill demonstrating ‘Live Hand’ puppets.  Unfortunately the video appears to be Private now, but you can still take a look at the photos.

Peter and Ryan

August 26th – The Muppet Mindset Turns 6 – A Word From Ryan Dosier
On the 6th anniversary of the website, Ryan Dosier returned to reflect on his time before and since his departure.

August 27th – The Muppet Mindset Turns 6 – A Letter From Jarrod Fairclough
New head honcho Jarrod Fairclough said a few words and thanked a few people who’ve helped him since he took over the site in April.


September 2nd – A Tribute To Muppet Fan Chase Beecher
We remembered our pal and contributor Chase Beecher, who suddenly passed away.  Months on we still miss him.

September 6th – Flowers On The Wall
Beaker starred in this hilarious new film clip to the old tune ‘Flowers On The Wall’, where he sets fire to stuff, makes card houses and more.

September 7th – Kermit’s The Bad Guy After Split? What A Load Of Hogwash!
Kermit copped a lot of flack for moving on after his split with Miss Piggy, so Sean Bryan explained why that just wasn’t the case.

September 9th – How You Can Help Make ‘The Muppets’ A Success
In a 2 part piece, D.W McKim explained all the ways that you can make The Muppets a hit.  These are still applicable today, so take a look, and read Part 2 here!

Joey Murray What

September 10th – Joey Mazzarino Leaves Sesame Street
Muppet performer and Head Writer Joey Mazzarino announced that he had left Sesame Street after a year of battling for what he thought to be the heart and soul of the show.  We looked back at some of his characters.

September 15th – The Muppets News – Footage & Stars
We were given our first look at footage from the new Muppet series, where it was revealed that Elizabeth Banks and Tom Bergeron would be guest stars.  We also learnt that the role of Becky had been given to comedian and actress Riki Lindhome.

September 17th – Kermit Gets Set Up
Kermit and Miss Piggy were joined by Julie Bowen, Viola Davis and Joel McHale in this video promoting… something?

September 22nd – How To Enjoy The Muppets In 6 Easy Steps
The day finally arrived for The Muppets to premiere on ABC.  We gave 6 easy steps to enjoying the show, which is way easier than this 12 step program I’m on.  We also included the promo mashup images we’d been posting on Facebook in the lead up.


September 23rd – The Muppets Review – Pig Girls Don’t Cry
We reviewed the first episode of The Muppets.  We loved Elizabeth Banks, we loved the heart, but we didn’t love the ‘winning the in laws approval’ shtick.

October 8th – Who’s That Obscure Muppet?
Jarrod Fairclough goes through the obscure characters that you may not recognize in the new ABC series.

October 22nd – First Episodes – Sesame Street
We went through the first episode of Sesame Street from back in 1969, noting the changes and similarities from then to now.

October 27th – 5 Reasons To Watch The Muppets As It Airs
Disney got a heap of us Muppet fans to rally the masses in an effort to get more people to watch the show as it airs.  It’s still important!

October 29th – The Muppets Get A Full Season Order
In good news, The Muppets was picked up for 3 more episodes, giving us what is technically a full first season.

November 4th – What Does The Change In Leadership Mean?
When Bob Kushell was ousted as showrunner for the new Muppet series, Mitchell Stein speculated on what it means for the show.


November 5th – Why ‘The Muppets’ Needs Walter
We rally behind our favorite little guy and explain why the show would only benefit from having him there.

November 16th – What I Learnt From The ‘Turkey Hollow’ Q&A
Mitchell Stein took part in a Q&A with Kirk Thatcher and Lisa Henson. This is what he learnt!


November 17th – ‘Turkey Hollow’ Spoiler Free Review
Mitchell Stein reviews Henson’s ‘Turkey Hollow’ without giving away any of the important plot points or gags.

November 21st – The Center For Puppetry Arts Jim Henson Exhibition
Our pal Maria Kersey was at the opening of the new Jim Henson exhibition at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.  Not only does she describe the day, she also gives a virtual tour of the exhibit.

November 22nd – Miss Piggy Sings Adele’s ‘Hello’
Miss Piggy and Kermit star in a hilarious short promo for the ABC series in a take off of Adele’s ‘Hello’ film clip.

November 23rd – ‘Turkey Hollow’ Spoiler Filled Review
Jarrod Fairclough reviews Henson’s ‘Turkey Hollow’, giving away important plot points and gags.

Sesame Street new

November 26th – Let’s Be Thankful For New Sesame Street
To celebrate Thanksgiving, we showed the newly released clips from the upcoming Season 46 of Sesame Street, including the new opening, a new human cast member, and more!

November 30th – Sigh – What Kind Of Pizza Would Each Muppet Order?
It was 11pm and Jarrod was out of ideas, so he speculated on which pizza each Muppet would order.  It was silly and random.  It also got surprisingly great feedback.

December 8th – Jarrod Fairclough Spends 2 Days On The Set Of
‘The Muppets’

But doesn’t really tell anyone until he slips it in to the 2015 wrap up.  More information coming after Episode 11 airs.

December 14th – 5 Good & Bad Things About ‘It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie’
In the lead up to Christmas, Michael Wermuth Jnr discussed some of his favorite, and not so favorite, things from this 2002 TV film.

December 16th – The Muppet Mindset Presents (Not So) Inspirational Quotes
We decided to get in on the ‘Inspirational Quote Wallpaper’ game, but with silly quotes instead.


December 17th – Star Wars: The Foz Awakens
With the world wrapped up in Star Wars fever, Jarrod Fairclough went through the 2011 Muppets / Star Wars figures, and rated each casting choice out of 5 Koozebanes.  He also suggested alternative characters.

December 21st – The Security Guard
Jarrod Fairclough saluted the most beloved character in the Muppet universe, the Security Guard from ‘It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie’.

December 22nd – Live From New York: It’s Emmet Otter!
The Jim Henson Company put on a live performance of Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.  We were there!


December 26th – Kodachrome
The Muppets wrapped up the year the best way they know how – with The Electric Mayhem rocking out to Paul Simon’s ‘Kodachrome’.  It featured a slew of Muppet cameos, such as Walter, Constantine and Dr Strangepork.

Well, that’s it!  What a year it’s been.  Thank you so much for joining us throughout 2015, an exciting year of new TV, news, and changes.  We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

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