Weekly Muppet Wednesday: The Beetles

The Beetles
Renee Angely
The Beetles
The BeetlesPerformed by:
Richard Hunt-Lead Singer- “Letter B”, “Hey Food” and “Thinking of U”
Christopher Cerf (Voice)- Lead singer- “Hey Food”
Paul Jacobs-“There’s a Lot of Different Ways to Get to School”
Jonathan Cerf
Jerry Nelson
Brian Muehl
Michael Earl
First Appearance:
Sesame Street season 11 (1979)
Most Recent Appearance:
Sesame Street season 14 (1982)
Best Known Role: 
Sesame Street’s Insect Rock and Roll Band
beetlesThe Beetles are a group of musical insects who are also a nod to the rock band, The Beatles, complete with mop-top hairdos, suits, and an audience full of screaming fans.
They were introduced in season 11 of Sesame Street with perhaps their biggest hit, “Letter B” a parody of The Beatles’ “Let It Be”. Their other performances on the show include “Thinking of U’ and “Hey Food”, a parody of another Beatles tune, “Hey Jude” with Cookie Monster.
In the 1993 album, Sesame Road, they came back with a version of “There’s a Lot of Different Ways to Get to School”.
Parodies are what Sesame Street does best, catering to young children and adults alike and The Beetles knock that notion right out of the park. Given that the street hasn’t had any bands in a while, it would be nice to bring “Beetlemania” back to Sesame Street for people to enjoy for years to come.
letter b beetles

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