Muppeteer Paul McGinnis Needs Our Help!

Jarrod Fairclough – 

Paul McGinnis

Paul playing Grover at the 2003 Sesame Gala

In 2008 I spent 2 and a half hours hanging out on the set of Sesame Street, which was my very first meeting with Muppet performers Matt Vogel, Eric Jacobson and Kevin Clash.  I also met lesser known but equally as talented performer Paul McGinnis.  Paul has worked on countless Muppet productions, including Sesame StreetLetters to Santa and the 2011 film The Muppets (often assisting Walter’s hands), and he is a frequent presence doing puppetry on Last Week Tonight.  Paul spent the full 150 minutes of my set visit snapping photos, wrangling puppets, and making my set visit an even better experience.  He’s also been insanely kind and sweet to me since.  So when I heard Paul was looking to get 5000 YouTube subscribers so he could rent a studio, I was right on board!

Last year we got a bunch of videos of The Muppets at YouTube Space, which are a series of studio complexes around the world.  YouTube have a deal that if you have over 5000 subscribers, you can rent a studio for free.  Paul has been making a bunch of awesome short puppet films for his YouTube page, which you can check out right here!

Below you’ll find one of his videos, wherein Loren the Butler Robot teaches some children (played by Matt Vogel’s real life kids!) how to Dougie.

Did you recognize the voice in the opening jingle?  That was Muppet performer and our pal Leslie Cararra-Rudolph, aka Abby Cadabby!  And in the Spanish version, which you can find on Paul’s channel, the jingle is sung by Muppet performer Carmen Osbahr, aka Rosita! In fact that video has Muppet people everywhere!  Here’s just a brief rundown!
Puppeteer: Haley Jenkins (Sesame Puppeteer and also Paul’s fiance in the worlds most adorable couple)
Puppeteer: Eric Wright (Sesame Puppeteer)
Opening Jingle Lyrics: co-written by Paul McGinnis and Muppet performer Victor Yerrid
Music Director, Arranger, and Orchestration: Paul Rudolph (Music Director for Sesame Street and husband of Leslie in the worlds other most adorable couple)
Opening Animation Animatic: Rickey Boyd (Sesame Street Puppeteer)

Plus loads more of the Sesame crew helped out!  We want all of these guys to do a lot more Muppety things, so if you go ahead and Subscribe (which you can do right here) then we’ll help not only Paul, but all our heroes get one step closer to doing more in a real studio! They might even thank us in the credits when they eventually make a Loren the Robot Butler movie, which I have a great idea for…  Paul, let’s talk!


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