Coca Cola Presents: The Muppet Mindset (An Explanation)


Jarrod Fairclough – Hi gang.  You might have noticed a change here on The Muppet Mindset, which is something I’ve been hinting at for a while.  For those a little confused, let me explain.  With the success of The Muppets and HBO’s Sesame Street deal, these beloved characters have once again become a commodity.  About a month back, just as we were gearing up for the series finale, we were contacted by the Promotions team from the Coca Cola company, asking if we’d be interested in teaming up.  The original idea being a ‘Muppet Impressions’ contest, the winner of which would be flown to the Coca Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, and would recieve a years supply of Coke products.

Coca Cola 1The logistics of this contest lead to a Skype call with their Promotions team, and they invited me to tour the factory if I was ever in Atlanta.  The discussion became about my lack of income (as I only work part time), and the Promotions team brought in a member of the Acquisitions team.  I won’t bore you with further details, but I’ll give you the basic idea of what will be happening with the website from here on out.

This website will not become about Coca Cola.  Let’s make that very clear right now.  The banner up the top will return to normal in the next week.  Basically, Coca Cola will pay me to run some ads on the website, as well as promote the company in the occasional post. Today is slightly different, as I didn’t want to spend an entire week on this, therefore over the next 12 or so hours several Coca Cola related articles will be posted, all of which will still relate to The Muppets in some way.

Truthfully it’s not something I was overly keen on at first, but I can’t afford to run this website with no monetary benefit.  Working part time is a pain on my wallet, so I’m very appreciative to everyone at Coke for offering up their help.  The contract is in place for 6 months, and so we’ll review after that!  Please feel free to ask us any questions via Facebook, Twitter or email!

Coca Cola 2

2 thoughts on “Coca Cola Presents: The Muppet Mindset (An Explanation)

  1. Coca-Cola? Shoulda went for delicious gluten-free frozen yogurt made with live and active cultures from Pinkberry!

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