5 Things To Do While We Wait For ABC To Renew The Muppets

Jarrod Fairclough – Can you believe The Muppets finished its first season over a month ago?  It seems like just yesterday we were alerted to the making of a Muppet pilot, and here we are twiddling our thumbs as we wait to hear whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season.  ABC are taking their time, but no news is good news, because it means the show still has a chance.  A lot of new shows have already been announced as cancelled, but the fact that we’re still waiting means discussions are still on going!

So we thought we’d suggest 5 things you can do while we wait for ABC to #RenewTheMuppets


1 – Listen to Muppet fan podcasts!
Every fandom needs one thing – a fan podcast.  We Muppet fans are lucky, because we have a selection to choose from!  Our pal Steve Swanson has recorded almost 280 episodes of ‘The MuppetCast‘, including interviews with Muppet performers and Muppet fans alike (I’ve even done an episode!).  JD Hansel has two podcasts (as well as joining The MuppetCast a lot) dedicated to Muppets!  He has ‘11 Point Collar‘ and ‘Let’s Talk Muppets‘, which was a weekly series dedicated to the most recent episode of The Muppets (I did a handful of those, too!).  Then the always delightful Julia Gaskill and Lara Frazier have ‘Frog Kissin‘, which dedicates each episode to a different Muppet/Henson/Sesame thing.  I highly recommend all 4 of these!

The Muppet Show logo

2 – Watch Seasons 1-3 of The Muppet Show on DVD
Look back at where all this madness started with the first 3 seasons of The Muppet Show, which are available on DVD (yeah right, like you don’t already own them!).  Watch as Piggy and Kermit fall in love, Fozzie begins his failing career, Gonzo does his first stunt and loads of What-Nots sing old Vaudeville songs.  The show had some great guest stars in it’s first season, with highlights including Steve Martin, John Cleese, Rita Moreno and Gilda Radner.  We’re yet to get Seasons 4 and 5 on DVD (they’re scheduled for release in the year 4007 when the Glip Glops who have enslaved mankind will enjoy them), however clips can be found online.


3 – Browse Muppet Wiki
One of my favorite past times is going down the rabbit hole that is Muppet Wiki.  The site is so comprehensive that Wikipedia’s founders have used it as an example of what a community site should be.  With close to 30,000 articles on the site, it covers the entire career of Jim Henson, lists close to every Muppet performer ever, every production they ever did (no matter how small) and has answers to some of the main questions we Muppet fans are sick of answering, like ‘Are Ernie and Bert gay?‘ and ‘Is Cookie Monster the Veggie Monster?‘ – No, is the answer to both of those.  Muppet Wiki is a constant source of information and images for us here on The Muppet Mindset, and we love them for it!


4 – Watch all the Muppet movies!
In 1979 The Muppet Movie was released in theatres, giving these beloved characters their first taste of the big screen.  Since then they’ve made another 7 theatrical films, with multiple heists, wigs and musical numbers.  Watch the transformation as Kermit plucks his banjo in their first film, to the giant musical number that opened Muppets Most Wanted. With great actors like Charles Durning, Tim Curry and Jason Segel, the Muppets have made some of the greatest films in any franchise.

Sam Twitter small

5 – Tweet Tweet Tweet!
We at The Muppet Mindset have paired with our pals at ToughPigs to promote the hashtag #RenewTheMuppets.  You can tweet at ABC Studios and let them know that you want to see a second season of The Muppets, and hopefully they’ll get the idea!

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