Welcome To Marvie and Sesame Studios

This post was written by our pal Sean Bryan.  Sean has a great podcast (and soon to be live show) called ‘Mortimer Sparks’ which encourages the imagination of children.  You can find his podcast and information about his live shows in England here.  Be on the look out for his dastardly nemesis Derwood DeFoe, who sounds suspiciously similar to our own Jarrod Fairclough doing a bad English accent…

Sean Bryan – The makers of Sesame Street launched a brand new YouTube channel on May fifth, which had me questioning ‘Why?’ Sesame Street has a really strong YouTube presence, there’s lots of new clips, and plenty of old clips too (which is great for those moments when I want to reminisce to the dulcet tones of Ernie singing ‘I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon) so what makes this new channel ‘Sesame Studios’ any different? Well, it’s potentially You.

Sesame Studios, hosted by the new digital Muppet Marvie (puppeteered by Haley Jenkins), aims to showcase new and cool videos for preschoolers aged 2-5 and launched with 6 original videos. It promises new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that are bound to make your kids stronger, smarter and kinder (lyrics that are bouncing around in my head thanks to the Todrick Hall theme song.)

But Sesame Studios is more than just another channel churning out Sesame Street content, instead it’s looking for new content from creators all over the world, that’s right, even you could become a content creator for Sesame Studios. Creators from the first six videos have come from New York, New Jersey and even Bristol in the UK, and there’s no plan to stop there. On the Sesame Studios website you can submit your own ideas for the channel. They’re currently looking for timeless, character-driven stories, fresh new songs, and brand new characters to help kids grow whilst smiling and laughing, and that means they need storytellers, writers, YouTube creators, illustrators, Animators, Actors, Musicians and Puppeteers.

Basically if you’ve ever dreamed of working for Sesame Street, this could be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door! Head over to Sesame Studios’ official site to find out more.

And how about the first bit of content on the channel? Well as someone currently working in children’s theatre, I thought I’d be a good candidate to check out the offerings and pass on my thoughts. Here they are below!

Marvie’s Song!
The character headlining Sesame Studios is digital Muppet Marvie. She’s a jolly, jiggly, dancing bean(?) and we join her in her room to dance and sing a long as she tells us some of her likes and interests. She is definitely of a very different texture to Muppets we might normally see in a Sesame Street production. Aside from her pink tufty hair Marvie definitely appears to have a green skin rather than fur, but the digital puppeteering allows for some fun jiggly dance moves that couldn’t be replicated in live form. My favourite part of Marvie’s song is definitely when she finds a rubber duck and tells us her need to ‘Quack Quack Back.’ A fun and bobby intro to this new character.

The Totems Family Song
These adorable, stackable, families which come in all shapes and sizes are amazing. The catchy jingle does a great job of being inclusive whilst explaining differences that your family may have from someone else’s. The animation is fun and bright, and there’s great little visual jokes throughout. My favourite part is possibly the child getting angry at his brother in the bath. I can’t wait to see more songs featuring The Totems, or make me even happier and turn them into an App already Sesame Studios!

Marvie’s Mother’s Day Poem
Sesame Studios are definitely doing a great job of inclusivity so far. In this little video Marvie reads a poem she’s written for her mother on Mother’s Day, we even get to see a picture she’s drawn of her purply Mother (though yours may be blue). From watching this clip, and Marvie’s song I do find that Marvie’s mouth movement at times sometimes don’t fit exactly to what she’s saying, but I’m sure that’s an animation issue that will be resolved with time and more videos.

Sesame Studios Song With Todrick Hall
Blend some cardboard, animation and YouTube sensation Todrick Hall and you get the ‘Sesame Studios’ theme song. There’s some exciting dancing, lots of kids, and plenty of fun in this video. The song feels a bit like it comes from ‘Pre-School Musical’ which is a High School Musical spin-off I’m now dreaming up in my head. I also love the ‘animated-look’ cap Todrick wears. I want cartoonin-real-life clothes!

Brush Your Teeth To This Song
Have you ever pondered what life might be like if there were nightclubs for children? If there were such a thing, this would have to be number one on the club hits. This beat filled tune teaches you all the moves you need to ensure you’ve got the shiniest teeth in the club. Don’t forget…to BRUSH THAT TONGUE! I unashamedly love this.

So that’s a wrap up of the current Sesame Studios offerings. I look forward to seeing more content as it gets uploaded and shared from week to week. Get behind the initiative by subscribing, and perhaps even submitting your own ideas. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Sesame Studios Star!

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