New Labyrinth Funko Pop!

Pop culture stores are often filled to the brim with every collectible, toy, comic book and tshirt you can imagine.  On your left is an aisle filled with Ghostbusters merchandise, and to your right it’s all Doctor Who.  So you have to weave your way through the place in order to find that one thing you really want, the one thing you came here for…  So you might even say that these stores are a Labyrinth…

Nailed it.

Those good people at Funko, responsible for the many big black eyed Pop! characters we know and love are releasing Labyrinth figures, featuring Jareth, Sarah (and the Worm), Hoggle and a super sized Ludo.  If you want to watch Labyrinth first to get excited, good news – you can watch it approximately 2000 times, because they won’t be in stores until September.  But you can take a look below, and see if any of them remind you of the babe.





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