Dave Goelz To Be Honoured

Dave Gonzo

Jarrod Fairclough – For the past four decades, one thing has remained constant in the world of The Muppets – the talent of Dave Goelz.  From his classic work as Gonzo the Great to his recent success with Chip the IT Guy, Dave has inhabited some of the most beloved characters in hundreds of productions, and does it with the smile of a man who can’t believe his luck.  Well, the Center for Puppetry Arts is teaming up with The Jim Henson Company and The Muppets Studio to honor the legendary puppeteer on September 24th. Described as ‘A Fancy-Schmancy Evening’ with ‘Special Guests and Surprises’, it looks to be an exciting night!  And better yet, tickets will be made available to the public soon! We’ll let you know as soon as tickets are online.  Until then, check out the announcement below.


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