Puppet Building with Adam Savage

adam savage rick lyon

Jarrod Fairclough – Last week fans flocked to San Diego for Comic Con, and all of us who weren’t there still got to nerd out by watching videos of the panels.  On a recent YouTube binge, I came across a video from a few months ago of Adam Savage, who you may know from Mythbusters (or as his role as Heathcliff in early Sesame Street segments ‘He She and It‘), doing an edition of his ‘One Day Builds’ series for the website Tested, this time building a Muppet style puppet with Muppet performer and puppet builder Rick Lyon.  The video goes for 35 minutes, but it’s definitely worth watching if you have the time!  There are a lot of tips and tricks, as well as a lot of fun and humor.  Plus you’ll learn about Jim Henson’s hand size!

Bonus:  Tested host Norman Chan took a tour around The Jim Henson Creature Shop.  Be sure to watch this expansive look around the place!


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