The Videos We Missed Last Week


Jarrod Fairclough – Just a few weeks back I wrote that it was a fact of life that everyone gets sick.  Then I got a really bad dose of the flu, because apparently irony is funny to the medical gods.  So it’s been an entire week since The Muppet Mindset has posted anything!  And in that week there’s been some great videos!  Let’s catch up together, shall we?

Outside Lands

While I was still healthy enough to post my review on The Electric Mayhem’s performance at Outside Lands last weekend, since then 2 hilarious videos have come out.

In the first, Dr Teeth talks to Yahoo about possible touring, their previous collaborators, and has something in his mouth…  Embedding isn’t working, so you can watch it here!

In the second (and much longer) interview, Animal and Floyd talk dating, how they stay together after 40 years, and Animal shows how he eats popcorn.

Other Videos

Two other great videos showed up this week.  In the first, a promotion for the worth while WE Day, Gonzo stars with Rowlf Seth Rogen and a slew of cameos as he tries to get in to the celebrations.  The WE Day special airs Sunday 28th August at 7/6C on ABC, and will also feature an appearance by Kermit.  (Also, who do I have to talk to about adopting Jacob Tremblay?)

In the second, we get our inevitable Pokemon Go parody with our pal Cookie Monster’s new favorite game, Cookiemon Go!  It goes about as well as you’d expect…

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