Jared’s Food Fair Extravaganza!

Kieran Moore’s newphew Jared recently competed in an egg dying competition and a photo contest.  With help from his uncle, he submitted the following report!  Take a look!

Hi, my name is Jared and I’m 9 years old.

Here in Banbury where I live we have a Food Fair every summer and there is a competition for kids to compete in lots of different categories.

Fozzie the Egg

One of these is to decorate a hard-boiled egg. Last year I made Kermit the Fregg and he came first. This year I made Fozzie Bear. I painted the egg brown, made a hat out of plasticine and stuck on eyes, ears and a plasticine nose. We also made a little saying that said “Wocka Wocka, this is a yolk you’re gonna love to hear!” Fozzie wasn’t quite as successful as Kermit because he came second to a penguin! Second place was still a really good result and I was very happy!

4 Kermit Goes Down the Corridor

I also took photos of Kermit at the train station for the photography competition. I had a little Kermit figure and pretended that he was going to catch a train. I also put Kermit teddies and tickets in the train. I got a third place prize for the photo of him in the corridor.

Kermits on a Roundabout

I also competed in the street scenes category with pictures of my Kermit’s in the park on the climbing frame, see-saw and roundabout. The one on the roundabout came third.
I get my name engraved on it and I get to keep it for a year!

Next year I plan to make Kermit, Fozzie AND Gonzo! Wish me luck!

See below for more images!

1 Kermit Buys a Ticket2 Kermit Goes Through the Barrier3 Kermit Buys a Coffee7 Kermit with his Friends on the TrainKermits Eye ViewKermits on a SeeSawKermits on a Train

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