The Fozzie Awards: How to Vote!


Jarrod Fairclough – Remember ToughPigs, that scrappy little site that does what we do too but with more people and with a purple hue?  Well, last year they did a great video called ‘The Snuffy Awards’, a faux movie award show with people like Peter Linz, Kirk Thatcher, and Constantine, the world’s most dangerous frog.  You can watch the whole thing below!

Well, this year they’re doing the same sort of thing, though this time they’re focusing on television.  It’s ‘The Fozzie Awards’, and they want you to cast your votes!  Click here where you’ll be able to vote on your favorite character comeback, favorite fictional bartender, and loads more!  There’s already some great people attached (including a certain guy who runs The Muppet Mindset who has the same name as me) and you’ll be able to see the full thing on Sunday 18th September.  Get voting now!


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