The Count Counts Around Queensland


Jarrod Fairclough – It’s always a delight here in Australia when we get things that American’s don’t.  We got all seasons of Fraggle Rock released before you, Labyrinth’s 30th Anniversary Blu Ray is already available here, and just recently we had an advert with The Count!


I say ‘we’, but really it was Queensland, which is one of the northern states (I’m down right near Melbourne, Victoria).  The last couple of months have seen us Aussie’s doing the Census, where we all take notes for one night on our living situation so that the government knows how many people there are, and what kind of areas are growing (so that they can build schools, parks, and Muppet theaters).

What better way to help us count ourselves than with Count von Count!?  He appeared in an advert a couple of months back asking everyone to get involved, and we (albeit quite late) found the video, which you can watch below!

Fun fact – that’s Eric Jacobson puppeteering The Count, as Matt Vogel wasn’t available. Matt dubbed his lines over the phone a couple of weeks later.

Thanks to our pal Michael Lanzer for sending this through, as well as the behind the scenes information.  Michael is a talented puppeteer and puppet builder, who surprised me last month with my very own puppet version of me, which you can see below!  You can see more of his stuff at his Instagram here and his website here!



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