Muppet Mobile Lab Returns!


Jarrod Fairclough – Disneyland.  Pixar Studios.  Walt Disney World.  Tokyo Disney. Storage Shed.  Walt Disney World.  Some may consider that the future of the GoPro I bought last week, but they would be mistaken!

In early 2007 Disney revealed The Muppet Mobile Lab, a free moving Bunsen and Beaker animatronic attraction that interacts with guests.  It debuted at Disneyland’s California Adventure, then was taken to exhibitions, an event at Pixar, and then moved to Walt Disney World’s Epcot for a while, later heading to Tokyo Disney, before being stored for a long 8ish years.  With the new Muppets Courtyard opening at Walt Disney World, yesterdays premiere of a new live show, and their presence being felt more and more in the Orlando park, it would make sense that the roaming Muppets would return!

And return they did!  With little prior warning, earlier today Bunsen and Beaker popped their colorful heads out in to the Florida sun, making their grand debut after almost a decade away.  Below, courtesy of our pals at Attractions Magazine, you can see video of their long awaited return!

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