Street Gang Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Jarrod Fairclough – A while back we announced that a new documentary was in the process of being made, based on the 2008 Sesame Street biography, ‘Street Gang’.  The documentary promises to go in to the history of the show’s creation, focusing on Joan Ganz Cooney, Jon Stone, and of course, Jim Henson.

9ce48-jimandguysmileyYesterday the film makers launched an exciting Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production.  They’re hoping to raise $175,000, a percentage of which will go to the very worth while Yellow Feather Fund, which brings life changing education to children in need.  The rest of the money will be spent on creating original animation based on existing pieces, a new method of bringing photos to life in 3D, and a recreation of the Season One set from Sesame Street where interviews with those who were there in 1969 can take place.

One of the best parts of contributing to any fund-raising campaign is the perks, and the Street Gang team have gone all out on this one!  Up for grabs are shirts, plush toys, exclusive figures, cels, artwork, autographs, and even a visit to the set of Sesame Street!

Check out the campaign video below, and be sure to click here to donate to a very worth while production!

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