SesaMannequin Challenge


Jarrod Fairclough – The internet is full of odd crazes.  The Harlem Shake.  The Ice Bucket Challenge.  That weird one where people would grab ice cream with their hands (seriously, internet.  What’s wrong with you that that’s funny?)

Well, a new one has emerged – The Mannequin Challenge.  Basically, a group of people get together and ‘freeze’ as a camera moves around them.  Often it’s pretty terrible because holding still for 2 minutes is really difficult.

But not this time!  Those amazing people at Sesame Street have made an amazing Mannequin Challenge video, which was so confusing that I was sure some of those Muppets had to be ‘poser puppets’ until I saw the various Muppet performers underneath them.  They’ve gone to the effort of even creating props that look like they’re in the middle of an action.  It’s a brilliantly done bit of video.  Take a look, and try to guess who ruins the entire shot!  Keep your eye out for some of the Muppet performers under the characters, and our good pal Peter Linz with a bunch of plates!

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