The Inexplicable Jarrod Fairclough – Last year Steve Whitmire teased us with information about some new webisodes of The Muppet Show classic sketch ‘Pigs In Space’.  And we waited with baited breath for a release date.  But it never came.  Until Wednesday this week, when The Muppets social media platforms informed us that we would only need to wait 2 more days!

So wait we did, and it’s been well worth it.  Eric Jacobson, Steve Whitmire and Matt Vogel have done an incredible job taking over from Frank, Jim and Jerry respectively.  You can watch the first webisode below!


3 thoughts on “New PIGS IN SPACE!

  1. Sounds like Dave took over as narrator (at least for the “last time on …” section before the story proper started…)

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