A Year In Review: Part 1

Jarrod Fairclough – 2016 was a crazy year.  The world changed, we lost a substantial amount of beloved stars, and us Muppet fans were disappointed when our new favorite show was cancelled.  We thought we’d take a couple of days to look back at The Muppets, Sesame Street, Henson and The Muppet Mindset in 2016.


January 5th – The Muppets Is Moving to 8:30/7:30c
The Muppets timeslot changed one hour later.  Unfortunately it didn’t help ratings.

January 6th – Speak with Miss Piggy
In late 2015 Disney Interactive gave fans the chance to chat to Miss Piggy on Facebook Messenger, so we had a little look at how it was done.

January 11th – Why ‘Reboot’ Is The Wrong Word
The word ‘reboot’ was thrown around a lot while The Muppets were on hiatus.  We attempted to calm the masses and explain just how the show would be changing.


January 11th – A Tribute to David Bowie
Singer and Labyrinth star David Bowie passed away at the age of 69.  We remembered the Goblin King.

January 22nd – The Top 10 Songs of: Joey Mazzarino
Resident music ranker Kieran Moore celebrated his 50th chart by counting down the songs of Joey Mazzarino.

January 23rd – Really?  Henson Announces A New Labyrinth Film
The Jim Henson Company announced a new Labyrinth film, and the internet was not happy.

January 24th – Fan Art & Merchandise PSA
If you’re going to buy Muppet fan art merchandise, buy it from the right people!

Theme song

January 27th – The Muppets Scat The Muppet Show Theme
In an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, The Muppets scatted and beat boxed the theme to their old show.

January 29th – The Top 50 Songs of: 50 Charts!
Kieran looked back by ranking the Number 1 songs from his first 50 charts!

February 1st – The ToughPigs / Muppet Mindset Live Hangout
Jarrod Fairclough joined ToughPigs’ Joe Hennes for a Google Hangout to discuss the returning series The Muppets, and answer questions from the fans.  It was a lot of fun.

February 2nd – Kermit and Stephen Go Deep
Kermit appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to ask the big questions.

February 2nd – Why You Should Give The Muppets A Second Chance
A lot of people wrote off the new Muppet series after the first few uneven episodes, so we tried to convince those people to come back by addressing their concerns.


February 3rd – ‘The Muppets’ Review – Season 1, Episode 11 – ‘Swine Song’
After 2 months on hiatus, The Muppets returned, and everyone realized the ‘reboot’ wasn’t anywhere near as drastic as they were fearing.

February 11th – Kermit Chats With Peter Travers
Kermit sat down with journalist Peter Travers to discuss life, love, and television.


February 14th – Valentine’s Day Cards
To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we shared some cards you can give to those you love.

February 15th – Muppets Newsflash
A lot of news came at once.  Furchester Hotel was renewed for a second season, The Muppets won an Art Director’s Guild Award, Diamond Select released images of more Muppets figures, and Funko announced Dark Crystal Pop Figures.

February 23rd – The Final Weekly Muppet Wednesday
After 6 years we decided to end Weekly Muppet Wednesday with everyone’s favorite penguin, Gloria Estefan.

February 28th – The 2016 Academy Awards
To celebrate Hollywood’s night of nights, we showed off some of our Muppetized versions of the years nominee’s posters.

March 1st – #RenewTheMuppets
In an effort to get The Muppets picked up for a second season, we teamed with ToughPigs to start the #RenewTheMuppets campaign.

March 2nd – ‘The Muppets’ Review – Season 1, Episode 15 – ‘Generally Inhospitable’
Part 1 of the final episode of The Muppets aired, with Kermit and Piggy finally admitting their feelings.


March 3rd – ‘The Muppets’ Review – Season 1, Episode 16 – ‘Because… Love’
We reviewed Part 2 of the final episode, which ended with a risky cliffhanger…

March 8th – Interview with Kristen Newman
Mindset contributor Mitchell Stein chatted with The Muppets showrunner Kristin Newman about the show and the possibility of a season 2.

March 16th – Cookie Monster vs. Siri
Cookie Monster starred in an ad for the iPhone, baking cookies with the help of Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.  A few weeks later we were treated to the bloopers from the shoot.

cookie 1

March 22nd – We Interviewed Cookie Monster!
In a whirlwind situation, with only 3 hours notice, Jarrod managed to secure an interview with Cookie Monster!  They discussed quokkas, the moon, and Cookie did an incredibly accurate Ernie impression.

April 1st – APRIL FOOLS!
In this year’s April Fools gag, we announced a partnership with Coca Cola, with some sponsored content about the Coca Cola polar bear, and the Muppets history with the brand.  Amazingly a couple of people fell for it!

April 5th – The Electric Mayhem Live!
The Electric Mayhem announced a live concert to take place at Outside Lands Musical Festival in August!  Spoiler: The concert was amazing.

April 6th – One Year Under New Management
Jarrod celebrated one year since taking over the site from Ryan Dosier.  It’s been an incredible ride.


April 12th – I’m Green – And It’ll Do Fine… The Muppets and Self Acceptance
Our pal Marni Hill returned to talk about how the Muppets promote self acceptance.

April 18th – 5 Things To Do While We Wait For ABC To Renew The Muppets
ABC were taking a long time to announce their decision on the fate of The Muppets, so we suggested some things you could do to pass the time.

May 3rd – ‘No, You Shut Up!’ Shuts Up Shop
The Henson series was cancelled after 3 seasons.  Surprisingly, a lot of readers weren’t aware of the series’ existence!

May 9th – Welcome to Marvie and Sesame Studios
Sesame Workshop released Sesame Studios, a YouTube channel dedicated to user made educational content!


May 12th – ‘The Muppets’ Has Been Cancelled
In crushing news, ABC failed to pick up The Muppets for a second season.  We were all very disappointed.

May 13th – The Cancellation of The Muppets
With The Muppets not returning for a second season, we examined what might have gone wrong, and pondered the future of the franchise.

Jim kermit MM

May 16th – Jim Henson: The Lovers and Dreamers
On the 26th anniversary of Jim Henson’s passing, Jarrod recalls a conversation he had with Dave Goelz, and the people Jim surrounded himself with.

Boarding House

May 17th – Ideas For The Defunct Season 2 of The Muppets
Though the series was cancelled, it didn’t stop us doing some bad Photoshop work while suggesting ideas for what the show could have become.

May 25th – Fozzie and Chris Hardwick Answer Questions
Fozzie appeared in an amazing episode of @midnight, and afterwards he joined Chris Hardwick to answer fan questions on Facebook.

June 3rd – Julie’s Greenroom
Netflix and Henson announced Julie’s Greenroom, a new children’s series starring Henson puppets and the legendary Julie Andrews.

June 29th – New Labyrinth Funko Pops!
Funko released images of the new Labyrinth Pop Figures, including Hoggle, Ludo and Jareth!

That’s it for the first half of the year!  Come back tomorrow as we trail through the back half of the year, with a live Electric Mayhem concert, Fan Week, an international incident we helped create, lots at Walt Disney World, and the site gets a brand new look!

Cookie Siri

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