What Muppet Fans Got For Christmas 2016


2016!  It seems like just 10 days ago we were all counting down the clock saying goodbye to one of the stranger years in recent memory.  December 25th marked Christmas (it’s kind of a tradition) and lots of Muppet fans got lots of great gifts!  We put out the call and we’ve assembled just a sampling of responses.  Our apologies to anyone we missed out, as we had a LOT of responses.


Alexander got a nice haul of old school Muppet merch, including an original Oscar the Grouch 1971 Sesame Street puppet by Topper.  If you pull that string, Oscar’s arms close in to a hug!


Alisha got some great clothing, including a Labyrinth Worm hoodie, a Kermit bag, and a book of (Adjective) Muppet Mad Libs!


Amanda got a Muppet… belt?  Dog collar?  Whatever it is, we want 10 of them.


Benny got two great tees, featuring Oscar and some great stylized Muppets!


Fredric gave us 5 images worth of stuff, including posters, toys and tees.  He got a sing along Christmas cassette and a new VHS (that’s kind of an oxymoron) of the Sesame Street special Don’t Eat The Pictures.  He also got original lunchboxes, featuring The Muppets, Sesame Street and Muppet Babies.  Now his lunch will make your dreams come true!


Jayden got some great Dark Crystal merch, and a homemade Thog plush!  He also made a Mutation and Behemoth.  We’ll be showcasing these homemade toys in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!


Jeff got a great Muppet Show tee, which is only missing Angus McGonagle.


Leah got some great presents, including a Kermit hair bow and an Electric Mayhem poster.  She also got some of our favorite figures from last year, the Mini-Mates and Statler and Waldorf figures from Diamond Select.


Finally, Tau Bennett (who you may remember from Being Elm0) got a great stash, including a stack of great old Sesame Street records, some Oscar shorts we may steal, and a fantastic original Rowlf puppet from 1977!  What a find!

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and apologies again to anyone we missed!

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