Pickles, Bells, and Trophies: A Look at Fraggle Festivities


Abigail Maughan – As we Silly Creatures recover from our New Year’s celebrations, we realize how important parties and games and loud noises are to us throughout the year when it’s time to commemorate something. Your average Fraggle is also very enthusiastic about celebrations involving all of those components as well, except probably Boober. Fraggles have many of their own holidays that they celebrate with ceremonies, traditions, and oh so many songs.  Please accept a belated “weeba weeba” from me as we look at some of the most important days on a Fraggle calendar.


Joke Day
As seen in: Boober and the Glob
On the Fraggles’ Joke Day celebration of silliness, Fraggles dress in colorful costumes and tell jokes to each other. One Fraggle is appointed to lead the traditional medley of knock-knock jokes. When Boober gets pressured into this job by Red, he tries to run away, but he later must defeat a glob monster by means of making it laugh, fulfilling the tradition and saving the day at the same time.


The Ceremony of the Moon
As seen in: Capture the Moon
Since time began, the Fraggles have celebrated the Monthly Festival of the Fraggle Moon. After a traditional welcoming song and processional lead by the World’s Oldest Fraggle, a Moon Greeter is designated to welcome the arrival of the moon in the Fraggle Pond. Previous Moon Greeters have built carved radish sculptures and recited verses of poetry. When it’s Gobo’s turn, he attempts to capture the moon so the Fraggles can see its beauty every night, but Mokey and a visit to the Gorgs’ garden teach him the folly of his thinking.


Ruler of the Rock Day
As seen in: The Finger of Light
The World’s Oldest Fraggle declares when it is Ruler of the Rock Day based on “a feeling in his bones.” On this day, five are chosen to accompany the World’s Oldest on a journey across the Echo Hole, where the mysterious Finger of Light selects one of them to be ruler for a day, to issue three commands for the betterment of all. Mokey is conflicted and overwhelmed with this responsibility when she is chosen, but she teaches the Fraggles a lesson through song about improving Fraggledom by trying to understand each other. Her reign ends in true Fraggle fashion, with a pickle-balancing contest.


The Glory Song ceremony
As seen in: The Day the Music Died
Every “cycle,” one Fraggle is chosen to write the Glory Song. The Storyteller pulls the name of this writer out of the Gourd of Guidance in a big ceremony, and that Fraggle alone must write the song that will honor that generation’s life in Fraggle Rock. When Gobo is chosen, the ensuing absence of music is what first alerts the Fraggles to the presence of the Ditzies, the creatures that feed off of music and in turn produce light that keeps the Fraggles awake.


Trophy Day
As seen in: The Wizard of Fraggle Rock
Trophy Day, overseen by Mokey, is a day when Fraggles celebrate their achievements by choosing a trophy for themselves. Gobo chooses a trophy for evading a Poison Cackler, and Wembley gets his standard trophy for having the best shirt with banana trees on it. Wembley’s friends make him a trophy for being their friend.


The Festival of the Bells
As seen in: The Bells of Fraggle Rock, Muppet Family Christmas
Cantus the Minstrel leads the Fraggles in the celebration of the Festival of the Bells on the winter solstice. The Rock slows down in the winter, so to keep it moving for another year, the Fraggles must all ring their bells at the same time to awaken the Great Bell at the heart of Fraggle Rock. Gobo discovers that the Great Bell is not, in fact, a physical object located in the physical center of Fraggle Rock, but instead resides in the spirits and bells of the Fraggles themselves. To celebrate, Fraggles sing songs and ring bells, pass along gifts such as appealing pebbles to one another, and do a dance dressed as a giant Weebabeast, the creatures that protected the Rock in its early days.

If you should ever visit Fraggle Rock, keep these Fraggle customs in mind, and stock up on your winter clothes and knock-knock jokes, just in case. I for one will see you all on Trophy Day, where I will choose the trophy for Most Avoided Relative at the Christmas Party, because apparently none of my family members want to hear trivia about every production in Muppet history, for some reason…

One thought on “Pickles, Bells, and Trophies: A Look at Fraggle Festivities

  1. Just to clarify, the Festival of the Bells was no in A Muppet Family Christmas. The Fraggles were passing around pebbles then.

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