Lindalee Rose on Splash & Bubbles!

Jarrod Fairclough – Our young pal Lindalee Rose gets to do all the fun things while us adults are sitting in our unfulfilling jobs counting down the clock until it’s time to go home.  While we make small talk around the water cooler, Lindalee is off interviewing the cast of Doctor Who.  While we type emails to colleagues, she hangs out with Kate McKinnon.

Well, color me jealous, because now Lindalee has had the chance to hang out with our old pal John Tartaglia at a recent event promoting the new Henson series Splash & Bubbles!  Take a look as Lindalee and John talk Splash, Bubbles, and Splash & Bubbles!

Thanks to our little pal Lindalee for sharing the video with us, and her awesome dad Steve!