It’s Not Easy Being Green Lantern


Jarrod Fairclough – Seattle is about to be invaded by an influx of super villains!  Who will save Safeco Field from the powers of evil?  Who will rescue those stuck on the Space Needle from the clutches of darkness.  Who will stop the Fremont Troll before he destroys the city?

Never fear, folks!  For Super Kermit is on his way!

Funko have just announced an exclusive Superhero Kermit Funko Pop figure which will be available at the Emerald City Comic Con, being held March 2nd-5th.  While not currently available anywhere else, many of the other exclusive figures have since become available to purchase after some time.  So let’s all cross fingers, toes and eyes and look crazy while we wait and see!

So never fear, Seattleites!  Super Kermit will soon be here!