The Real Grouchwives of Sesame Street

Jarrod Fairclough – Every now and then Sesame Street release something that makes us do a double take because of just how bizarre it actually is.  Whether it be Grover parodying the Old Spice commercial, or the hilarious Big Birdman sketch starring Caroll Spinney, they still have a few tricks up their arm sleeve, and yesterday they released a 3 part parody which still has me scratching my head.

Oscar, Grundgetta and their ‘friend’ Diva Garbagedump (of the Jersey Garbagedump’s?) star in this parody of The Real Housewives franchise, called The Real Grouches of Sesame Street.  For some reason, Grover gets his way in there too, because, as he explains, every show needs ‘the cute one’.

Watch below as the grouches introduce themselves, hold a talent show, and go to dinner, with all the horrible reality show trimmings you’d expect.