The Best Of Fan Week 2016

Jarrod Fairclough – Last year we introduced Fan Week, a week dedicated to YOU!  We spotlighted a wide myriad of Muppet fans, with art work, covers, hand made toys and more.

And just the other week, we announced that we would be doing Fan Week again this year!  Originally slated for next week, we’ve decided to push it back until the week beginning 31st July, just to give a chance for the site and the fandom to settle down after the past couple of hectic weeks.

Remember, you can still send us your fan stuff on to be included during the week.  We’ve had some great stuff so far, and a big thanks to those who’ve sent stuff in!

To celebrate the return of Fan Week, we’ve gone through and chosen just a handful of our favourite art pieces and videos featured last year.  Enjoy!


Josh 1

Soni 1

Robert Poole 1

Fozzie Travels 2

Matthew Taminella