Review: Power Of The Dark Crystal #2

Melissa Dalton – In the second issue of Power of the Dark Crystal, we find ourselves stepping into the action just moments after PotDC #1 ended. Thurma, the Fireling who traveled to the surface from her world deep within Thra’s core, has just asked for a shard of the Great Crystal to reheat the fire that keeps her people alive. Jen and Kira have awoken to discover that not all is as harmonious in their kingdom as they remembered, and the Gelfling in charge, known only as Your Eminence, is determined to hide the truth about Thra’s failing prosperity—though we don’t know why yet.

As the story unfolds, we learn a bit more about the Firelings through Thurma. She tells the Gelflings about her home, and we begin to see some parallels between their traditions and the ones we know of in the Gelfling world. We learn that Firelings have their own form of Dreamfasting, called Firefasting, and although Firelings and Gelfings aren’t able to connect though this process, the brief connection that Kensho and Thurma share gives us hope that maybe some form of a Dreamfast-Firefast hybrid connection would allow them to share thoughts. Hopefully this is an avenue they’ll explore in later issues!

Kensho and Thurma Connection.PNG

Kensho and Thurma talking (1)

Determined to get to the bottom of Thurma’s arrival, Aughra escorts Kensho and the Fireling to her observatory. Thurma and Kensho are left to their own devices while Aughra seeks out a new prophecy from the Great Crystal, giving them just enough time to explore the room of Skeksis relics before the Gelfling Eminence discovers them. Thurma takes matters into her own hands once the Gelfling Eminence banishes Kensho to the catacombs, and by the end of the issue, she shatters the Crystal to fulfill her mission. The only problem is, we hear an all-too-familiar “mmmMMMMMmmm” whimper as the cracked Crystal begins to glow . . .

Shattering the Crystal

The artwork in this issue continues to bring Thra to life on each page. Kelly and Nichole Matthews have done an amazing job highlighting the beauty of the planet’s surface and have created a ruggedly beautiful world inside Thra’s core that feels realistic and fits as though it’s been a part of the Dark Crystal landscape all along. The story continues to be character-driven, and fans will be pleased to see that our new main characters on this latest adventure have all kinds of action in store for them.

PotDC #2 was released on April 19 and is available both digitally and in print. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local comic book shop