Gonzo Of The Galaxy?

Jarrod Fairclough – Though the Muppets may have been unceremoniously booted from Disneyland Resort in 2014 (while I was on the plane TO Disneyland, mind you), it looks like their presence is still being felt by the Imagineers.  Reddit user SpenceMan01 recently uploaded this picture taken in the queue for the new ride Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout, where a few well placed nozzles, pipes and paint seem to recreate the face of a particular hook nosed Muppet…

Gonzo Mission Breakout

Look familiar?

Gonzo Guardaisn.jpg

The Imagineers did state that there would be Easter Eggs from universes not connected to Marvel throughout the ride, however let’s keep our fingers crossed that this means we may get to see Zoot join The Avengers in the next film…