Fan Week ’17 – Miscellaneous Pieces

With only 5 days to fit all of Fan Week in to, unfortunately we can’t dedicate entire segments to collections, or fan toys, or any of that sort of stuff, which is why we have the Miscellaneous Pieces day, a time where pretty much ‘everything else’ can get shown off.  Below you’ll find collections, toys and a couple of videos that we thought would be worth showing off!

First off, Michael sent around 20 photos of his collection, which is insane!  We’ve chosen just 3, but if you can think of an obscure piece of Muppet merchandise, there’s a good chance Michael has it!


Secondly, Chris sent some photos of his office, which he has decked out in Muppet stuff.  Fun fact: My office is decked out with not only Muppet stuff, but Rick and Morty, Lego Batman, and other things my colleagues roll their eyes at!

Hot Wheels Pops BobbleheadsPlaysets and PosterDesk Set

Unfortunately the next video by Darrin isn’t eligible for tomorrow’s Top 10 chart (you’ll see why), but we thought his cover of Rainbow Connection was too good to pass on…

Speaking of videos, Kylie sent though this one she made compiling just some of Janice’s best bits over the years.

She also shot through a picture of this hilarious Muppet/Home Alone mash up shirt!


Unfortunately Marlon got in too late to have his Fan Art shown, but you should definitly follow him on Instagram because he’s incredible.  He did send through some hilarious little puppets he’s made with some family members.  I’ll take 2 of each, thanks.


Finally, one of our most popular articles ever were the fan toys being made by Jayden Libran and co.  Well, he hasn’t disappointed with the latest batch!  The Wayne and Wanda figures in particular are awesome and hilarious.

IMG_20170724_181153_934IMG_20170724_183521_00120170724_183940 (1)

Thanks to everyone who sent through stuff!  It never ceases to amaze me what some fans will do.  Come back tomorrow for the final day of Fan Week ’17!