Backyard With Bert

Jarrod Fairclough – Over the past couple of years it seems like Sesame Street have really be leaning in to sketches that have no educational value – they’re just funny.  Look at that 80’s song spoof just a few months back; unless educating kids on Footloose is part of STEM, that thing was made just for the laughs.

Well, now Bert and Ernie have started their own blog series, Backyard with Bert, where they spend some time in the great outdoors, although I have no idea whose backyard they’re in.  So far 2 videos have been released, and I’d assume there are more coming.  Eric Jacobson and Peter Linz have a great chemistry here, and it almost feels like the producers gave them the puppets and a camera and said ‘Go nuts!’.

Check them out below, as they paint pumpkins and give us life hacks that aren’t life hacks because general helpful tips aren’t hacks, okay Buzzfeed?