Catch Up On Below The Frame Season 2

below the frame

Jarrod Fairclough – While we were off cavorting about in Europe, Matt Vogel and the Sesame Street Muppet performers (and Joe Hennes from ToughPigs?) began season 2 of their hit Facebook Live show ‘Below The Frame’.

So far 4 episodes have aired, and as we usually share them on this page, we thought we’d better catch up!  Look soon for a whole page on The Muppet Mindset dedicated to showcasing the program!

Episode 1 focused on ‘First Day’ with Tyler Bunch, Jennifer Barnhart and Marty Robinson!

Episode 2 had some real technical difficulties, and is presented in 3 parts.  It focused on the characters of Sesame Street, old and new!

Episode 3 was a contuination of Episode 2, considering the technical problems, as the performers continued their talk on the characters of Sesame Street!

Finally, Season 4 was dedicated to music, and included a behind the scenes story from Muppets Tonight!  Enjoy!