Strange Search Terms

Strange Search Terms

Jarrod Fairclough – Owning a Muppet site means having to check out the statistics occasionally; How many people are visiting?  From which countries?  And what are people typing in to bring them to The Muppet Mindset?

That is my favorite stat to check, because sometimes people Google odd things.  But, we’re helpful here, so once again we’re checking out some of their questions, and attempting to answer them!

muppety show rachel welsh
Did you mean ‘Muppet Show Raquel Welch?  Bombshell star Raquel Welch starred in her own episode of The Muppet Show in it’s third season, where she famously sang ‘I’m A Woman’ with Miss Piggy.

raquel welch.jpg

muppet goaty
This could be one of many things.  There are Muppet goats, Muppets with goatee facial hair, times Muppets have dressed up as goats…  Here’s just a small selection of these…


muppets frog song lyrics
Kermit and Robin have sang many songs over many productions over the years.  Arguarly Kermit’s most famous are Rainbow Connection and Bein’ Green, where as Robin famously sang Halfway Down The Stairs.  You can click the song titles for their lyrics.  Also, just for good measure, you can click here for the lyrics to Caribbean Amphibian


how to get the muppet christmas carol withh the love is gone
Easy!  Head to Amazon to purchase Meredith Braun’s new album ‘When Love Is Gone’, where she recently rerecorded the cut song from The Muppet Christmas Carol.


big hairy things from fragel rock
They’d be Gorgs from Fraggle Rock.


what was the name of jim henson’s saturday night show with puppets in a tar pit
Jim Henson and his Muppets starred in the first season of Saturday Night Live, with their own recurring segment The Land of Gorch.  You can read more in an article we wrote about it, Mucking Fuppets!


does Grover sing
Grover can’t stop singing!  Here’s a huge list of Grover’s songs since his earliest days on Sesame Street!


telly monster PNG
I got ya, bro!

Telly side.png