The Premiere of Muppet Guys Talking


Jarrod Fairclough – As promised, Muppet Guys Talking became available this morning over at and it’s already getting rave reviews online.  To celebrate, Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Bill Barretta and Fran Brill got on Facebook Live to basically do Muppet Guys Talking 2!  For over an hour they chatted amongst themselves and answered questions from fans, and were joined by some very special guests!  Adam Savage, Alan Tudyk, Rian Johnson, David Arquette, Derek DelGaudio and Andy Nyman all popped in to talk about the film, their favorite characters and of course, the legacy of Jim Henson, as well as some hilarious stories about Richard Hunt.

It’s well worth sitting down for 70 minutes if you missed it and watching this, because it really is the perfect companion piece to Muppet Guys Talking.