The Muppets Are Hilarity

Hilarity for Charity 2

Jarrod Fairclough – Seth Rogen’s Netflix Special Hilarity for Charity is now available to stream on Netflix, and it’s filled with every funny person you could imagine.  Thankfully for us, that means Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Walter and the gang get a couple of moments of screen time.

In the first (at 15:47 for you playing at home), Fozzie gets his own stand up special, with help from Chelsea Peretti and Kumail Nanjiani, which goes how you’d expect, until… Well, let’s just say an old favorite turns up after almost 40 years…

The second piece (at 52:39 according to ToughPigs information I stole), Kermit raises the spirits of everyone with a special rendition of… Caribbean Amphibian.  Not really, but can you imagine how cool that would have been?

Click here to stream Hilarity for Charity if you’re a Netflix subscribor.  If you’re not, then sorry, chumps.