The Puppets For Puppetry Benefit Will Be Amazing

Jarrod Fairclough – Last year the Center for Puppetry Arts began a new annual benefit, Puppets For Puppetry, honoring the art of puppetry and one particular performer.  Last year was dedicated to Dave Goelz, aka Gonzo, Boober, Uncle Travelling Matt, Bunsen Honeydew and that big chicken in Elmo In Grouchland.


This year, however, they’ve decided to honor possibly the most legendary Muppet performer living today, Mr Caroll Spinney.  Caroll began performing on Sesame Street in 1969, and though he has pulled back a little, still performs Big Bird and Oscar to this day, if only vocally.

This years event is shaping up to a good one, with it announced last week that internet nerd Chris Hardwick will be hosting the event.  Chris is a die hard Muppet fan, and appreciates good work when he sees it, so he’s the perfect guy for the job.  Also on board is Jack McBrayer, aka the immortal Kenneth Parcell in 30 Rock, as well as Bobby Moynihan, who you’ll remember was the guest star of The Muppets Take The Hollywood Bowl last year!  Guests will also be treated to a musical performance by Jason Mraz.

bobby moynihan

Fellow Muppet performers Matt Vogel, Eric Jacobson, Bill Barretta, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Brian Henson will also be lending a hand (#WockaWocka)

The event, as last year, is being hosted at The Jim Henson Company lot in Hollywood.  And the good news is that you’re invited!  But, be warned, the event isn’t cheap.  An individual ticket will cost you $250, but is well worth it for a great cause, and also to be up close and rubbing shoulders with your heroes.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, head to the Puppets For Puppetry Benefit website.