Muppet Newsflash: 10th July 2018

Muppet Newsflash

Pediatrician Teeth And The Muppet Babies
The new Muppet Babies series is going from strength to strength, and if you’re not watching it, go find a couple of episodes and enjoy some of the freshest Muppet content we’ve seen in a while.  Of course, the show is CGI, and the performers aren’t around to voice their own characters, but that didn’t stop Bill Baretta and Dr Teeth from showing up in puppet form in a recent episode, Muppet Rock.  You can see a preview of the episode below:

Comic Con-stantine
Hey, remember Constantine from Muppets Most Wanted and his starring role in Pentatonix Christmas and that time he asked Alan Carr why he wasn’t married? Well, 2000 lucky visitors to San Diego Comic Con can get their hands on new Constantine plush, marketed as both Constantine and Dark Kermit, because Memes.


The Muppets On Jeopardy–  Sorry, What Is The Muppets On Jeopardy?
The Muppets were a topic on the quiz show Jeopardy a couple of weeks back, under the category Nom De Muppet.  Here’s the questions, so you can pretend you won $1000 or something.

$200 – “This balcony-based curmudgeon is named for a New York City hotel—his wife is even named Astoria.”
$400 – “He may have told us his name, but we didn’t understand him, so we know him by his nationality.”
$600 – “Miss Piggy was named for a Peggy, this ‘Fever’ singer.”
$800 – “One of the 2 scientific Muppets who share their names with laboratory equipment.”
$1,000 – “Rizzo the Rat’s name came from Dustin Hoffman’s character in this Best Picture Oscar winner.”


Sesame Place –  Certified Autism Center.
In wonderful news, Sesame Street theme park Sesame Place has been designated a Certified Autism Center, with over 80% of its staff having attended austism sensitivity training.  According to CNN:

In addition to staff training, Sesame Place has created quiet rooms: small, dimly lit spaces with comfortable armchairs and sensory bead mazes on the walls to provide a break from the stimulation. The park also offers noise-canceling headphones as well as designated “low-sensory zones” along a parade route and in theaters. Guests who may struggle with standing in line or require special assistance boarding a ride can also use a fast pass called Abby’s Magic Queue.

The park also offers parents a chance to research online what it takes to order food, and even what standing in line looks like, in order to prepare everyone.
Watch the video by CNN below:

1,841 Muppet Objects!
We’re pretty big Muppet fans.  I mean, we spend a large chunk of our week here writing about them and talking about them and watching them.  But perhaps our fandom is eclipsed by 16 year old Rhett Safranek, who holds the Guiness World Record for The Largest Collection of Muppet memorabilia, with 1,841 pieces!
The collection includes McDonald’s toys, mugs, figurines, busts, phones – you name it, Rhett has it.  The Guiness page has the full story, including a bunch of photos, and we’re in awe.  Congratulations, Rhett!  We only need another 1,820 to beat you!