Fan Week 2018 – Call For Submissions!


Jarrod Fairclough – Hi ho, Muppet fans!  Two years we introduced Fan Week, a week dedicated to fan art, fan creations and fan covers all about The Muppets!  And what a success it has been!  So much so, that we’ve decided to bring it back this year for Fan Week 2018!  THERE ARE SO MANY EXCLAMATION MARKS IN THIS PARAGRAPH!

Coming soon, we’ll be taking a break on the Muppet world and turning our attention to you guys!  Of course, in order to do that, we need you guys to help us out!

So, consider this a call to action.  We want you to send us your fan art, your fan videos, your song covers, your fan collections, basically anything that shows us just how big of a fan you truly are!  It can be about any of the Muppet/Henson productions, like Muppets, Sesame, Fraggle Rock, Dinosaurs, Labyrinth, Muppet Babies – whatever you like!

Send them to us via email on and be sure to put ‘Fan Week 18’ in the subject line (otherwise I lose track).  Cut off is Friday 31st August, so you’ve still got a few weeks if you want to make something for us.

If the previous years’ influx was any indication, we may not be able to use every piece of fandom that comes our way, so apologies in advance if we don’t get to use your stuff. NOW GET TO MAKING, FANS!