Beaker In Spaaaaaaace!

beaker space.jpeg

Jarrod Fairclough – Forgive the terrible title – you try thinking of a Pigs In Space pun involving Beaker!

In recent news, The University of Arizona’s HiRise team, who are tasked with manning the camera on board NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, spotted the above strange formation on the surface of our neighboring planet, and concluded that it looks like our favorite hapless assistant – Beaker!


The HiRise team admits the resemblance is due to the pareidolia effect, which is the tendency to see familar objects in random shapes and has resulted in rocks that resemble Jabba the Hut and a spoon.  Although, if we had to guess, this is really due to Bunsen Honeydew’s newest invention, The Mars Face Mask, where he slams the surface of the planet in to someones face to help open those stubborn pores.