The VFX of Happytime Murders!

happytime bts.jpg

Warning: The Happytime Murders is a film for adults.  Some videos below contain curse words and sexual imagery.

Jarrod Fairclough – Through all the uneven reviews The Happytime Murders has been getting the past few weeks, there is one consensus.  The puppetry and visual effects of this film are stunning. Full body puppets run and skip and get even alive by rabid dogs, and it all looks impeccable.  So lucky for us Stargate Studios, the team behind the films Visual Effects, have posted a few videos giving us an insight in to just how it was all done.  Did you know some of the full body puppets weren’t even real?  In similar vein to The Jim Henson Company’s Sid The Science Kid, some puppeteers were motion captured, and Stargate even mo-capped some puppets!  Take a look below.

Thanks to Michael Lanzer for sending these through.