Tea Lizard Of Oz

tea lizard of oz.jpg

Jarrod Fairclough – Captain Smollet.  Bob Cratchit.  The Wizard of Oz.  All roles Kermit the Frog will have played in some form over the years by the end of 2018.  “But Jarrod”, I hear you ask, “Didn’t the bad guy from Muppets From Space play the Wizard in that weird Ashanti thing The Muppets did?”.  Yes, he did.  But it’s a role Kermit the Frog is taking on for 2 weeks this year during a pantomime in Pasadena this December!

Yes, for some bizarre reason, internationally famous frog Kermit will be joining a cast of a pantomime alongside a winner of Celebrity Big Brother, because of course he is.  Running at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium from December 14th-30th 2018, he will headline as the titular role.  Considering the Wizard is kind of a con man, it’s an interesting choice for the frog to play.

There’s gonna be a ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow Connection’ gag somewhere, right?